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Imada Coefficient of Friction Test Attachments
    Ideal for coefficient of friction test. Please click on the picture for more..
Imada Compression Test Attachments
Ideal for various compression (push) test including bending test, breaking test, durability test..
Imada Grips and Fixtures Attachments
Attachments exclusive for specific test such as peel test, coefficient of friction test (COF tes..
Imada Handle Attachments
  The handles that can be combined with a force gauge to apply force more stably and eas..
Imada Other Attachments
  Other optional integral parts or instruments to heighten measurement efficiency. Pleas..
Imada Peel Test Attachments
   Ideal for peel test (adhesion test). Please click on the picture for more inform..
Imada Standard Attachments
Imada Tensile Test Attachments
Optional attachments ideal for tension (tensile / pull) test. Please click on the picture for mo..
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