Imada ZTS Standard Force Gauge

Imada ZTS Standard Force Gauge
Brand: Imada
Product Code: ZTS
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ZTS series digital force gauge

Standard Model Digital Force Gauge
ZTS series





Easy-to-use menus make programming simple in eight languages. Select units, reverse display, set high/low setpoints, and all other functions in plain language.

Electro luminescent EL display shows force value, unit, and peak, and can be configured with additional user-selectable data including memory data, +NG count, high/low setpoints, 1st and 2nd peaks, displacement value (using Imada test stand with FA option), etc.

Color-coded LED indicators alert the user to Go/NoGo conditions. Orange lights for less than low setpoint, green lights between high and low, and red for over the high.

Process and transmit 2,000 actual data per second, not just the peak from a high sampling rate. Optional Force Recorder data acquisition software is designed to process up to 2,000 data per second.


Specifications for ZTS series Digital Force Gauge


Model  ZTS
Feature Standard model with high performance and usability
Accuracy +/-0.2%F.S.+/-1digit
Unit of measurement (*1) N, kgf, lbf (*2)
Display 4-digit organic EL
Display update 10 times / sec.
Sampling rate 2000 data / sec. (max)
Battery 8 hours
Safe overload rating Approx.200% F.S.
Operating environment Temperature: 0 to +40 degree Celsius Humidity: 20 to 80%RH
Function Customized display (header and footer), Peak hold (tension and compression), Internal 1000 points data memory, Comparator (judgment of acceptance or rejection), Reversible display, Sign inversion, Zero clear timer, +NG alarm, Off timer (auto power off), Dumping, Date/time display.
Output USB, RS232C, Mitutoyo digimatic (*3), 2 VDC analog output (D/A),
Comparator 3 steps (-NG/OK/+NG)
Overload warning Approx.110%F.S. (Warning message shows up and alarm goes off )
External connecting switch SEND (a point of contact holding), Zero reset, Peak ON/OFF setting
Weight Approx.490g (*4)
Dimensions Please refer to dimensions.
Accessory AC adapter, Inspection certificate, CD driver (including simple software for data log), Attachments (the set of attachments varies according to range), USB cable,
Carrying case.

*1 These are the specifications for International model. Please note that available unit is different from Japanese domestic model and international one.
*2 [N indication] The indication of 2N and 5N models is mN or N. The indication of 1000N,2500N and 5000N model is N or kN.
[kgf indication] The indication of 2N and 5N models is gf.
[lbf indication] The indication of 2N and 5N models is ozf.
*3 It is not always available for Mitutoyo digimatic products.
*4 Weight is slightly different according to range.


Specifications for ZT series Standard Model Digital Force Gauge

Model Range Display Resolution Thread
ZTS-2N 2N (200gf) 2.000N/2000mN (200.0gf) 0.001N/1mN (0.1gf) M6
ZTS-5N 5N (500gf) 5.000N/5000mN (500.0gf) 0.001N/1mN (0.1gf)
ZTS-20N 20N (2kgf) 20.00N (2.000kgf) 0.01N (0.001kgf)
ZTS-50N 50N (5kgf) 50.00N (5.000kgf) 0.01N (0.001kgf)
ZTS-100N 100N (10kgf) 100.0N (10.00kgf) 0.1N (0.01kgf)
ZTS-200N 200N (20kgf) 200.0N (20.00kgf) 0.1N (0.01kgf)
ZTS-500N 500N (50kgf) 500.0N (50.00kgf) 0.1N (0.01kgf)
ZTS-1000N 1000N (100kgf) 1000N/1.000kN (100.0kgf) 1N/0.001kN (0.1kgf)

lbf indication is also possible.





Dimensions for ZT series Digital force gauge (Force tester)

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